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This actually happened, and he kind of felt like the spirit of some of those Native American workers jumped into him or whatever.

You know, he was an army kid, moved around a lot in the Southwest, felt very sympatico with Native Americans. And I was very pleased that it all came together.

A Melancholy Dirge: “Ghost Song” by the Doors | Historic Houston:

American Prayer was done quite a while ago, when was that? And what made you decide to release it on Record Store Day, as opposed to other mediums? They helped me—still are helping me—greatly with my book.

I actually started [the tour] on Record Store Day, a year ago or so. So I met all those people, and what a cool scene! I had no idea.


So this is a beautiful reminder. Were you involved in that process, or do you have any thoughts on it?

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Well, I certainly knew about it and made comments about it. We got Bruce Botnick, our longtime recording engineer, to make the sound as good as possible. This movie had been kind of bootlegged, and we ourselves had cherrypicked it for other projects. The demand was [so high] that we thought we better put out the original, with the best sound and the best visuals possible, for those who want it.

So there it is.

Watch Ghost’s Video for New Song ‘Kiss the Go-Goat’

At the time, nobody was doing videos—it was before videos. But Ray and Jim went to film school, and their friends were hanging around anyway, so [we thought] we might as well have them have cameras.

Well I have not one, but two self-centered memoirs, so I might as well keep going. I mean, this new one would not be a memoir.

Kind of teachers—mentors—who fed me, you know what I mean? A couple years ago, you recorded with Skrillex.

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The Holy Ghost

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