The Happy Ending: A Novel of Erotic Retribution

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This is when they decided it was time for introductions. Standing naked in their presence I did not feel embarrassed if anything a little proud showing off my white body to these two young ladies. I had visions of a four handed full body massage. The massage bed was there and they hand indicated for me to get on, with touchy hands helping me.

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I asked if I should lie on my back or my tummy. I realised that where this spa was in Singapore that not many white clientele came and that they never saw many naked white men. With the inspection sort of over they made obvious comments about my white naked body. I felt both proud and aroused showing off my naked white body to these two ladies.

This was enforced by a small towel being put across my white bum to indicate the beginning of the massage. This was obviously for gesturing only for with a flourish the towel was totally removed, never to be used or seen again during the one hour massage. I was now lying naked, uncovered, face down, my large 6 foot three white Caucasian frame filling the massage bed.

The back massage started at the bottom, my bottom, a very good place to start.

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Copious amounts of warmed oil were poured into the crack between my bum cheeks running seductively down over my anus entrance and past, round to my as yet untouched testicles. With a two handed, five finger massage both my bum cheeks were vigorously massaged. Her trained thumbs divided my cheeks putting pressure on my virgin anus. After a while the tempo slowed and the focus moved to the crack with fingers being seductively caressed along the crack. Thumbs were used and the focussed targeted area was the anus orifice. Slowly oily fingers were twirled around the target area pushing ever so gently.

Part time bagger: full time dreamer

I had never had this erogenous zone massaged before and it was becoming both comfortable and pleasurable. Every now and then a finger would push at and slightly into my anal orifice. Was a well oiled teak coloured digit going to be plunged into my virgin arse any minute? Yes, as the anal massage progressed with no outrage from the client Fen slowly got braver with her ministrations and her finger pushed into my tight anus.

At first just a finger tip, then, testing the waters to the second knuckle. With only groans of pleasure from me at this new found erotic exploration she pushed her entire finger past my now relaxed sphincter and began to finger fuck my anus. This was a first for me. Generous amounts of oil were applied to my inner thighs which seemed to need more attention than the traditional calf muscle massage. The massage strokes from inner knee started short, slowly and gentle but gradually became longer, faster, more severe and daring pushing up between my inner thighs and testicles until my testicles were being boldly cupped.

The eggs were clutched in one hand and pulled down, stretched to a point of pain. The same procedure was followed on the right inner thigh, again being told that the testicular massage was very healthy for a man and should be done often. Taking both testicles in her oiled hands she ground them together in what should have been a most painful exercise. Once I had got over the pain this new found pleasure flooded through my most aroused body. I was experiencing new sexual boundaries professionally administered by an Indian female masseuse.

To add to the eroticism of the occasion here was a total stranger plunging her fingers into my arsehole, massaging my balls and me loving every minute. She certainly had me by my balls. Then the sensuous business of massaging my feet backs of my calves, lower back upper back and shoulders began. She helped me turn over clutching at my naked body fearful of me falling off the narrow bed. I now lay naked on the bed face up still drowsy. It lay there also fast asleep, a crumple of foreskin nestled in the safety of its testicular nest.

75 Best Sad Romance Novels That Will Make You Cry - Fiction Obsessed

All Sri Lanka women like small cock. At this point she called out in her language and we were again joined by Mara to both see and discuss the merits and demerits of my cock size. They stood over me like two morticians in a morgue or two surgeons in an operating theatre examining the patient.

Most Asian men small size. I was getting aroused by the direction of the conversation and decided to take it further.


I had no idea why I was speaking in pidgin English. At that point Mara left us alone.

See a Problem?

The Asian man in the cubicle next to me must have been getting a good massage as his moaning intensified, from soft and slow to louder and faster and an eventual Arghhh! Another satisfied customer I thought. Fen had moved around to the head of the table. Sorry let me describe her.

What struck me, as I am a boob man, were her large breasts about 38 C cup which are large for Asian women. She wore a sandalwood type perfume which added to the exotic air. She said she was 32 years old. Standing with her tummy against my head both her arms came over my head to massage my chest. Mere hours before someone actually murdered him. Never fear, the police will soon shift their focus from us.

Sex, Ethics, and Emancipation

They must eliminate the most obvious suspects first. None of us. They snap away and send pictures to the server when it detects someone coming or going. And thank you for standing with us. Andrew closed his eyes as he held his son.

I love you, son. When Andrew reached the bedroom, he was pleased to see Colin awaiting him exactly as instructed.

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Perhaps morning sex is the answer for us both. Before energy lagged and their elderly bodies grew tired. Even at his age, he still woke up with a woody more days than not. He carefully climbed onto the bed behind Colin. On the towel next to him lay the condom pouch and tube of lube. As he rolled it down his shaft, he smiled. Once Andrew had the condom in place, he slathered extra lube over it and nudged into position. I would have been bending you over any available item of the proper height within my view and thoroughly buggering you every few minutes. Take your time.